Research Protocol

Broad Objective

The broad objective of the study is to establishing an electronic based comprehensive and integrated road traffic injuries (RTI) surveillance system, to assess the burden of RTI, its risk factors and outcomes across rural and urban settings of major cities in India.

Specific Objectives

  • To study the burden of road traffic accidents and its epidemiological factors
  • To assess the existing system of RTI surveillance and reporting at various levels
  • To assess the facilities available for pre hospital and trauma care in the district including EMRI 108 vehicles and their utilization will be assessed
  • To study availability and utilization pattern of existing facilities for post-crash and emergency care at various levels of health system in both urban and rural areas
  • To create awareness regarding road safety among the road traffic injury victims.
  • To develop a model of passive surveillance at higher health facility and active surveillance from health and non-health sectors and community.
  • To design an online electronic based RTI surveillance system (mobile App) that enables to capture the data on various issues of RTIs.

Study Area

This study will be conducted in two metro (Chennai and Delhi) and three other major cities (Chittor, Dehradun and Jaipur) located across the country.